Welcome to the Crown Cup, where champions are crowned! The “Crown Cup” is a brand-new
E-Sport league. With divisions for a variety of games, we aim to break down barriers between professional players and aspiring players. To do this, they have removed key boundaries such as entry fees and minimum rank requirements, allowing for more players to enter and have a chance to win major prizes. Crown Cup aims to be a prestigious league and wants to shine a light on lesser-known players and crown them champions amongst the pros. By using this ideology, they came up with the name “Crown Cup”. By offering anybody the chance to go to a major final and win, this unique league aims to bring a new, fresh style to tournaments and allows for anybody to play against the pros they see in matches. With this goal in mind, the league aims to use its unique branding to grow its name and create a large community full of both amateur
and professional players.

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